Join us again as we recap the previous session and bring it all together. We need your expertise, insight, learning, and feedback to help to understand where we currently are, and where we want to go as we journey forward on this exploration. We want to engage with you and provide an opportunity for dialogue with our panelists, leading to growth and learning for all involved, as we close this chapter of our webinar series and before we begin the next chapter.

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About this webinar series:

These are tumultuous times. Immediately following the unprecedented pandemic that left the world in uncertainty, an outbreak of civil unrest sparked by a police action spread across the globe. Resounding calls for reform, justice and equality are nationwide. A shift in the culture that exists in society, as well as the institutional culture within policing, must take a values-based approach to move beyond the current state to one that is more aspirational. Culture is never static — it is dynamic and constantly improving or in decline. It will take awareness, enlightenment and wise, courageous leadership to leverage change. Join us for this free series of live webinars as we explore and discuss culture as it applies to current events, and how we can shift culture to improve the world around us. Visit to view previous sessions.