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September 2018


The Importance of Health and Wellness, Part 1: Enriched vs Impoverished Environments

By Michael J. Nila

When we created Blue Courage years ago, we identified the gap between how police officers are educated and what we expect them to do in terms of their performance — health and wellness was one of the foundational key areas where we said, we have to figure out how...

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Illuminate – August 2018 illuminate


Slow Down

By Whitney Johnson 

Last week, my tennis teacher had us practice with a foam ball. It moves much more slowly than a regular tennis ball.

Having the time to watch the ball more closely gave my reflexes a chance to evolve with the practice. My backhand, in particular, improved substantially.

The little innovation in my tennis instruction came on the heels...

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Illuminate – July 2018 illuminate


The Nature of Leadership

How Nurturing, Caring, and Love Can Transform Your Professional ‘Garden’ of Talented People

By Jocelyn Little

It’s 108° in the shade today. It’s the desert — It’s dry, there’s not a lot of water, and the summer months are unbearably hot!

Yet in my garden within this desert I see a healthy, pink rose. There it is,...

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