Courageous Leadership

Great Leadership

Great leadership is a mystery; elusive, hard and very rare. Most executives are good managers, but at various steps of the leadership journey, and certainly at the top, the challenge of leadership is on full display. Many fail, many are great placeholders, but some excel, leaving a legacy of transformation from a commitment to: readiness, grace and fidelity to purpose. Are some born with a different leadership gene and capacity to influence, or have they paid the price of learning, reflection, self-challenge, discipline and the virtues that lead to human effectiveness? Courageous Leadership will illuminate the path to leadership greatness and reveal an essential development process; and, both challenge and inspire others to embark on the journey and promote optimal performance.


Why Courageous Leadership?

Michael Nila, founder and managing partner of Blue Courage, LLC, discovered early in his life that he has two passions policing and diversity and inclusion. While his passion for policing is demonstrated in a lot of why Blue Courage exists, Courageous Leadership provides the same quality of learning and education for those outside of policing. Through the Courageous Leadership team, thought leaders and learners from all backgrounds can enhance their capacity for optimal performance, to influence, and thrive!

What We Do

Courageous Leadership offers various workshops, keynotes, and presentations, all of which can be customized to fit the audience.

Intro to Inclusive Leadership

21st Century diversity is about mission readiness, building trust, strengthening relationships, developing talent and creating high-performance team members and leaders. Our 1-day Introduction to Inclusive Leadership course is differentiated by its principle-based approach, focusing on leadership development, personal integrity and accountability. Dynamic classroom and experiential learning activities will challenge participants individually, as well as the group as a whole. Participants will learn the expanding meaning and effects of diversity and inclusion, while gathering information that will help them to connect their personal belief systems and goals to the objectives to the organization.


3 Day Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Our 3-day Inclusive Leadership: The Core of a Champion course is “life transforming.” Hundreds of clients across the country, including Fortune 500 companies, higher education, military and government entities, have experienced the journey. This is not just another diversity class; it is a journey of discovery and learning that prepares one for success in a 21st century’s rapidly changing environment.

This workshop is designed to develop Inclusive Leaders (organizational diversity and inclusion advocates). It blends principles of leadership, high performance teams and diversity learning. The course focuses on shifting belief systems through dynamic classroom learning and powerful interactive, experiential learning processes. Participants will learn in an energetic, highly interactive session, which will challenge and enable them to expand their diversity and inclusion philosophy, and effectively model it to others. Participants learn through experience, in depth dialogue and debate, self-reflection and journaling.



Live Online Learning

More important than ever, even in times of challenge and chaos, providing ourselves and those we lead with the tools and knowledge to enrich our lives, build our resilience, strengthen our health and well-being, increase our mindfulness, amplify our positivity and happiness, communicate and build stronger relationships ultimately impact our environment, productivity, and accountability — shifting the organizational culture. As Tom Peters once said, “If you want to maximize productivity, the way to do that is not to focus on productivity, but to focus on making people feel cared for.”

Looking for more?

Ask us about some of the other educational processes that are available, which include:

  • Courageous Leadership: The Heart and Mind of the Leader
  • The Resilience Advantage (in partnership with the HeartMath Institute)
  • Heart-Focused Leadership
  • Leadership Development Institute


Many of the courses offered to the law enforcement community through Blue Courage, LLC are customizable for the corporate and non-law enforcement industry.


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