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Why Blue Courage?

Blue Courage is a way of being, a philosophy that inspires one to embody the noblest of character and unquestioned devotion. It is to flourish in all aspects of life, to act with practical wisdom, to exude vitality, and to hearten human connections.

Blue Courage enhances the capacity of individuals to maximize their potential and to align their purpose with the mission of their organization — all while charting a path for peak performance, leadership development and improved well-being.

What is Our Mission?

The Blue Courage mission is to illuminate a path forward so that we ignite transformation in the individuals and organizations that we engage through our ground-breaking educational and consulting services. Transformation occurs with the small, consistent, incremental changes that amplify and reset current benchmarks of performance. Capacity continuously grows by enhancing our ability to execute, experience, and understand practical applications and tools that can be effectively used to ritualize capacity building practices — both professionally and personally.


Meet The Team

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What People Are Saying

“When I walked in the first day, I was extremely stressed and almost at an emotional breakdown…These two instructors have touched me on a personal level, which I will carry with me and use to help get myself repaired and refocused so that I may get back to the officer I used to be and find my purpose.”

“I wish this class could be made into 2 years college class mandatory for recruit officers to complete before they go into academy.”

“I love the passion and commitment of the Blue Courage team. It’s obvious they care and believe. I would suggest this to all law enforcement and wish this could be taught at all academy supervisory schools.”

“This information is so critical to our profession but goes largely unsaid. What you do is like dusting debris off a shield and putting it squarely back on a cop’s chest. You remind us that we had an ideal and have a purpose. You restore that ideal and you help feed it and you give those who get to hear your message a renewed sense of purpose.”

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