Purple Resolve

The Purple Resolve Educational Process

Our goal is to support and develop the capacity of the National Guard members to deeply influence the heart-set, mind-set, skill-set and tool-set of its members. The Purple Resolve educational process instills and reaffirms a personal and professional commitment to the highest ideals of the military profession, it provides skills to optimize performance through resilience, mindfulness, ethical decision making, and helps attendees to define and promote the healthy aspects of the guardsmen’s culture. The Purple Resolve process aids in the development of an organizational culture of continuous learning and intellectual curiosity, critical and ethical thinking, diversity, inclusion, equity and respect, passionate devotion to our calling and those we serve — and critically — to enhance mental health and total well-being through effective resilience education.

The Purple Resolve educational process provides foundational leadership development for 21st Century Guardsmen. This process closes the gap between how guardsmen are traditionally trained (from basic training to retirement) and what is required of members to effectively serve and meet the demands of the armed forces while remaining faithful, healthy, and resilient. Designed for all levels of the organization, it promotes and nourishes the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being and overall health of its members.

Incorporating the Purple Resolve Philosophy into the National Guard will:

  • Enhance individual and institutional capacity to perform at the highest levels 
  • Instill a deeper and reinforced commitment to the National Guard and military service  
  • Teach the practices of resilience and emotional control to optimize performance during change and high stress environments 
  • Accelerate transformative change in individuals and teams to pursue a growth mind-set rather than the fixed status quo 
  • Enhance management and leadership effectiveness

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