What Clients are Saying

"[Purple Resolve] has made me recognize all the more I need to do the work to be a better leader, soldier and person, overall."

"[Purple Resolve] was not explained to me prior to the class starting, rather I just believed it was another “mandatory” class I would have to attend. I was pleasantly surprised by this course, so not only did it meet my expectations, it blew it away. Thank you for reminding me why I joined and why I love to lead! Many of the things taught were things I knew but were shrouded in cynicism from the many years of “going through the motions”. This class was an honor and a privilege, and I want to thank you all for putting together the necessary course!"

“I have been reflecting a lot over the last few days. I do not say this a lot, but [Inclusive Leadership] was LIFE CHANGING to me … My “lens” has never seen anything wrong with the way I am. My “lens” still made me think of stereotypes and believe some are true (and I am in HR Employee Relations!) My “lens” has seen things in the workplace, public, and private life that I knew were wrong, but did not speak up. But I have good news for you! My “lens” is changing…and it’s been less than 24 hours since our last class … I am committed to a change and it starts NOW!””As a Commander, I have always been passionate about my profession, always remembering why I chose to be a police officer.  Now, I am in a position where I feel a great responsibility to instill that passion into others at a time when passion for the job is hard to find.  I needed a battery re-charge, as I always put others before myself.  I think you saved me from hitting a wall at the perfect time and provided me great insight to a better way of working and living.  Thanks for a great week!”

“As a peer support member at my department, I felt Jack and Michael did a phenomenal job of explaining the importance of caring for ourselves.  Maintaining a healthy mindset will help our hearts and lives.  I believe the topics we reviewed will help me be a better officer/person and give me the strength and courage to share the information with my department and family.  I believe the changes in the persons who attended this class with me will have an impact on our co-workers.  Thank you for your time and service!”

"[Purple Resolve] lays the foundation for change in warrior and Guardian communities by empowering the individual to become an agent of change for themselves, their families, teams, organization, community, state, and nation."

“This information is so critical to our profession but goes largely unsaid. What you do is like dusting debris off a shield and putting it squarely back on a cop’s chest. You remind us that we had an ideal and have a purpose. You restore that ideal and you help feed it and you give those who get to hear your message a renewed sense of purpose.”

“I think our ability to modify the delivery, intermingle the message I can utilize your message to serve me well into the future to keep my guys spirits uplifted, motivated, and all moving forward. So thank you, your people, and your family.”

“Each of these instructors are obviously very passionate about teaching this topic. This class was very relaxing, made people come out of their boxes and their class/group participation was actually fun. I’m happy today for having such uplifting and motivational teachers who made me view my altitude and where I want to be.”

“Overall, thanks for a great class and a great topic. Focusing on the foundation of the heart and mind-set is sorely needed at the basic training academy and field training so officers can be equipped to maximize their potential to keep on course and not to forget on the bigger picture and their role in our noble profession.”

“I love the passion and commitment of the Blue Courage team. It’s obvious they care and believe. I would suggest this to all law enforcement and wish this could be taught at all academy supervisory schools.”

“Very well presented. Instructors were all very personable and presented very well. This class would do very well for 1st level and upper management. I can see myself reviewing the material many times in my career.”

“A fantastic course. I wish it were longer so that the presented topic could be gone into greater depth. Present a “B.C.” II to build and expand upon what was presented over the past 2 days. All instructors and staff were top-shelf.”

“I would like to see all of our administrative staff attend this training and increase the training to 3 days. Please bring this training to the northwest next year!  Thank you! Great training, best leadership class I’ve ever attended.”

“Really found the nobility of policing book inspiring. I think I will refer to it regularly. I needed the spark to find my purpose again with my career. I only have about 4 years until retirement. I will go out at the top of my game with “my switch on” with more happiness and gratitude. Thank you. My whole department could use this class right now.”

“Great class. Suggest this class be taught to all levels and at some point bring together all ranks (leave rank at the door) and air it out.”

“The course should be a must for all agencies; it is a great reminder of why we do what we do. It is refreshing to think there are others who are still sacrificing for the reason of being a servant.”

“I wish this class could be made into 2 years college class mandatory for recruit officers to complete before they go into academy.”

“This class is a shift in the leadership paradigm in moving law enforcement forward. New way of looking at leadership.”

“I like the ‘Blue Courage’ as a LEO substitute for 7 Habits. As police we often perceive ourselves as outsiders, right or wrong, and this course is believable and feels attainable…Great exchanges and fresh insight. All presenters are top notch and are real.”

“Not the same old stuff that I have had in other classes. New, different innovative methods and ideas. I absolutely loved and appreciated the fitness portion of the class.”

“I am happy to tell you that this is by far the best leadership training module I have attended. It was well worth my time…Your seminar was fresh, interesting, and most of all, we could relate to each other with our police experience. I have already bragged about your program to some of my law enforcement friends in Michigan.”

“When I walked in the first day, I was extremely stressed and almost at an emotional breakdown…These two instructors have touched me on a personal level, which I will carry with me and use to help get myself repaired and refocused so that I may get back to the officer I used to be and find my purpose.”

“I wish this class could be made into 2 years college class mandatory for recruit officers to complete before they go into academy.”


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