Dhri Crusade – Day 1 – Your Way of Being

Dhri = that which upholds
Crusade = a determined attempt to achieve a strong belief in a noble cause

Throughout our journey through India, our Dhri Crusade, have assigned a daily theme that our attention will be focused on enhancing, which are centered around the 7 chakras here.

September 16, 2019

Today’s Theme:


Colour Red, 4 Lotus Petals, Element Earth, Sense of Smell

Connection: community, family, relationships, roundedness, stability, centering

Mantra LAM

Affirmation I AM

Day 1 theme: Your Way of Being (the “why” and “how” of our life) 

  • Who I am, where I come from, my values, passion, commitments. 
  • What is right and wrong with the world? I am!

Love. Legacy. Purpose. The Taj Mahal. The Agra Fort. This was our learning today. As our team visited the Agra Fort, we learned about the history behind the Taj Mahal and how love, purpose and the legacy we leave behind comes from the center of our being.

In the 1600’s, the Emperor Shah Jahan wanted the throne, killing his own brothers to get it. Once Emperor, he saw Mumtaz Mahal at the market and immediately fell in love. She was the only one of his wives that wasn’t an arranged marriage. She bore him 14 children, dying from child birth with their 14th child. Before she died, she made him promise 3 things: 1) build something to prove his love for her, 2) not to marry again, 3) to care for their 14 children.

To honor his love, Shah Jahal built the Taj Mahal, which took 22 years. After it’s completion, he was imprisoned to a room at the Agra Fort by his son who wanted the throne, where he could stare at the Taj Mahal from afar. He died while imprisonment.

The Blue Courage team at the Agra Fort.

Shah Jahal erected this structure for the love of his life, building something completely beautiful, symmetrical, and unlike any other structure in the world – something that far outlasted himself. He honored his promise to his love and despite what happened, he built something that still stands today.

The Taj Mahal

All that was right and wrong with the world, he represented. Just as all that is right and wrong with the world is in each of us. It is our choice on what we put out into the world, into our circles of those we know and love.

And just as Shah Jahal honored what he was passionate about, placing his attention on completing one thing, regardless of how long it might take, so should we all place our attention on one thing at a time. We must take the time to focus on what we believe our purpose is, and be mindful of placing our attention toward accomplishing this purpose with accuracy and greatness.

More to come as we continue to explore, experience and learn on our Dhri Crusade!On our Dhri Crusade at the garden behind the Taj Mahal.

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