Dhri Crusade – Day 2 – Building Stronger Relationships

Dhri = that which upholds
Crusade = a determined attempt to achieve a strong belief in a noble cause

Throughout our journey through India, our Dhri Crusade, have assigned a daily theme that our attention will be focused on enhancing, which are centered around the 7 chakras here.

September 16, 2019

Today’s Theme:


Colour Red, 4 Lotus Petals, Element Earth, Sense of Smell

Connection: community, family, relationships, roundedness, stability, centering

Mantra LAM

Affirmation I AM

Day 2 theme: Building Stronger Relationships 

  • With those in my various circles of influence: family, friends, community, colleagues. 
  • Who is in the “front row” of my life? 
  • What am I doing to nurture those relationships, and to be nurtured by them?

Taj Mahal at dawn

Today the team visited the Taj Mahal at dawn. We began our adventure at 4:15 am before the sun was up! But the cows and monkeys were already out and about. Later in the day, we visited the Fatehpur Sikri, a deserted medieval city.

The ancient teachings of Hinduism isn’t about fighting people. It’s about fighting violence, intolerance, hatred and demons. Every one of us has to battle and get rid of something inside ourselves to step into what we envision or dream of. Something has to end for something new to begin. If you just destruct everything then ask why? What has to change?

Dhri is not just purpose but it’s energy. If your hitting pause and thinking it’s over — whether “it” be your current job, project, relationship, etc — you are putting your energy elsewhere. Find where you are putting your energy. We never question our focus and success when we are in thrive mode. Einstein: energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed.Hitting pause doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end. It means the way things are currently is the end but something may be expanding or growing. Your project may be taking on a new direction. Your relationship may be hitting a new level. You need to discover where the new energy lies and begin to excellerate in that new direction.

Visiting the Fatehpur Sikri, a deserted medieval city

Crusade is a quest to what you want, where you want to be. It may be to find your “Dhri arc” — your current great purpose and direction. Sometimes it’s not about surrender. Learn to accept. We want to get to a place of acceptance not surrender. 

Acceptance has 3 areas : 1) accept that every moment is perfect and so is every moment leading up to this moment. Every moment has lead me to this place at this moment. There may have been good times along with negative experiences…but that all led me to where I am now, where I was meant to be. 2) We have to accept that I am perfect in this place. In order for me to make any change I have to take full responsibility. If I don’t own it I can’t change it. 3) Accepting others for who they are. Accept others for all that they are without trying to fix them or mold them into who I think they should be. 

More adventures to come tomorrow!

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