Dhri Crusade – Day 4 – Experience

Dhri = that which upholds
Crusade = a determined attempt to achieve a strong belief in a noble cause

September 19, 2019

Throughout our journey through India, our Dhri Crusade, have assigned a daily theme that our attention will be focused on enhancing, which are centered around the 7 chakras here.

Today’s Theme:


Colour Yellow, 6 Lotus Petal, Element Water, Sense of Taste

Creativity: new directions, new ideas, new paths, rebirth

Mantra VAM

Affirmation I FEEL

Day 4 theme: Experience 

  • See, hear, feel, taste, visualize, apply to the future me.
  • Be willing to witness and accept — cultivate patience
  • PMA (Present moment awareness) — are you here as a tourist or a pilgrim?

Today on our Dhri Crusade, the team started the day with meditation and yoga in nature under the open sky before catching out flight from Jaipur to Varanasi. We sealed in our intentions of the day and learned about the 4 brahma-vihara, as stated below. Each of us chose one of the four and committed to practicing it throughout the day, just for today.

Peacock curiously exploring the Dhri Crusade team during morning meditation.

During meditation, we were visited by a few curious peacocks, which is the bird of India. As we lay on our yoga mats, strengthening our core, encouraging our flexibility, and amplifying our balance, a flock of birds circled above. The stunning visual of birds flying in unison, elegantly and cooperatively, and their beautiful song that was sung in choir added to the moving ambiance of the moment. In the moment…present moment awareness.We invite you to learn about the brahma-vihara and commit to one for today. 

Brahma-vihara – 4 Buddhist virtues/states of minds. They are interrelated and support each other. They are fundamental truths that are taught in any religion, any philosophy, anywhere.

  • Metta (unconditional loving kindness)
  • Kaduna (Compassion)
  • Mudita (Empathetic joy)
  • Upekkha (Equanimity – helps us get centered and steady)

You have to have a conscious approach and effort. People can change and shift their way of being, but they must first want to and then must act – do something about it. If you want to stop smoking, then first you must actually want to stop. But beyond that, to reach your dream, goal, or desire, it’s not enough to want – you must then take action.

What Brahma-vihara are you committing to focus on today, and what actions will you take to honor this commitment?

More to come on our Dhri Crusade!

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