Illuminate (January 2018)



By Michael Nila 

Can we be as big or bigger than this moment or will the moment swallow us up because we are not willing to rise up, fight to remain standing and meet this moment with the full force and fury of our fearless conviction?

Rise up with no expectation but fueled with hope for what might be, for what is possible. Some call that a fairy tale and say it in a way that screams of foolishness – I prefer the power of believing what people of courage, hope and humility can create together. I prefer to march boldly in the direction of my dreams rather than to shrink in the shadows of my circumstances.

Many say “but I am damaged goods” – news flash — we are ALL damaged! Damaged deeply by our yesterdays, by our mistakes and misjudgments, by the others who, because of their smallness and weakness, have left scars and imprints on our soul. I refuse to let my yesterday determine my today and tomorrow. I refuse to allow the smallest people in my life to be more powerful influences on me than the amazing people who have gifted me by their presence in my life. I refuse to allow my scars, memories, and pain to be anything more than fuel for who I can become and for my happiness, health and well-being.

So I can say what I want, or say nothing; I can choose to act, to DO something or choose to do nothing – but can I strive to be as big or bigger than “this moment?” That IS my challenge. What I choose in this moment will shape my forever! “What is this moment asking of me?”

Choice: Life gives us choice; it does not give us a crystal ball. Choice does not give us certainty and control — it gives us a chance; a choice to roll the dice! A choice and chance to play or turn away because one outcome is that I might lose. But if I don’t even play, I have no chance to win! I always hear people say, “I don’t know how to play,” but there’s only one way to learn to play and that is by getting into the game. Make 2018 the year we all say, “Yes! I am all in!”


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Recommended Reading


“Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life” by James Kerr

The legendary All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand is one of the world’s most successful sporting teams. How do they accomplish this challenging feat of being one of the best sports teams year after year? What are their secrets for success? This book is an intriguing and inspirational read for all leaders and team members. It takes dedication and hard work from everyone on the team to continually be successful at the highest levels of the game. Individual and team efforts in ownership, leadership, and accountability can help to turn vision into action, with purposeful practice to achieve desired results.

Why you should read this book:

“Legacy” shares valuable leadership and life mastery lessons necessary for success in today’s advancing world. The All Blacks rugby team began to face challenges and struggles, leading to a complete cultural overhaul. Key leadership on the team began to realize that there are certain aspects crucial to the continuous success of the team, for example:

  • After celebrating a win, two of the senior players pick up a broom and sweep the sheds, properly so no one else has to. “No one looks after the All Blacks – the All Blacks look after themselves.” They are humble warriors – never too big to do the small things.
  • “Better people make better All Blacks.” To be better at what you do, be a better person.
  • “Human beings are motivated by purpose, autonomy and a drive towards mastery. Accomplished leaders create an environment in which their people can develop their skills, their knowledge and their character. This leads to a learning environment and a culture of curiosity, innovation and continuous improvement.”
  • What legacy are you creating? Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.” As James Kerr says,” If we’re going to lead a life, if we’re going to lead anything, we should surely know where we are going, and why.”

This book is filled with great wisdom and learning that leads to success, and ultimately leads to an outstanding legacy. Anyone of influence should add this book to their “must read” list.

Purchase the book: click here.


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