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December 18, 2023

Below is a lesson from Psychology Today on 5 ways to cultivate grit as 2023 comes to a close, as well as our key learnings.

The Blue Courage team is dedicated to continual learning and growth.  We have adopted a concept from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why team called “Learn, Share, Grow”.  We are constantly finding great articles, videos, and readings that have so much learning.  As we learn new and great things, this new knowledge should be shared for everyone to then grow from.

Finishing Strong

How grit can get you through the final stretch.

Posted December 8, 2023 | Reviewed by Monica Vilhauer

December has arrived and you may feel like you can’t wait for a much-needed break. It may seem like the end of a long year, with what’s happening in the world and in your own life. But before you look ahead to the holidays or the New Year, it’s worth taking a look back, too, at goals you set last January. Reflecting on your resolutions or vision board, are there some forgotten promises you made to yourself? What would it mean to tackle some — or even one — of them and finish your year strong?

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