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Below is a lesson from Lolly Daskal on the best way to do inclusive leadership, as well as our key learnings.

The Blue Courage team is dedicated to continual learning and growth.  We have adopted a concept from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why team called “Learn, Share, Grow”.  We are constantly finding great articles, videos, and readings that have so much learning.  As we learn new and great things, this new knowledge should be shared for everyone to then grow from.

How to Do Inclusive Leadership—the Right Way

By Lolly Daskal

In recent months we’ve heard courageous voices demanding social and economic equality, and leaders within many organizations have been responding to that call by examining their own attitudes and practices.

Lolly has made a point take a fresh look at their organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Most of them came away from the process with a desire to genuinely do better instead of spinning their wheels with measures that didn’t create lasting change. Here’s an outline of the coaching she’s been providing these clients on how to start doing things differently:

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Key Learnings

  1.  Increase your self-awareness.
    • Commit to taking that action and make it a priority. 
  2. Expose your blind spots.
    • Find a consultant or coach you trust and give them a broad mandate to help you achieve change.
  3. Deepen your relationships.
    • Changing an organization’s culture begins with simple acts of connection.
  4. Invest in change.
    • Identify and study your gaps and find ways to bridge confront challenges and create opportunities
  5. Embody courage.
    • Change requires courage, and the best way of making it happen sooner rather than later is by forging ahead.
  6. Lead from within.
    • All change has to start somewhere and genuine, meaningful inclusiveness has to begin within you as a leader.

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