“My Christmas Eve” – An Officer’s Story

Watch “My Christmas Eve”, a California Highway Patrol retelling of Ohio State Trooper Bob Welsh’s poem.

“Through a cop’s eyes are witness to life in all its darkness and light, all its hope and despair and all its pain and healing. It is to witness a world raw and stripped of its niceties and correctness – to see a world that challenges everything a cop once believed and hoped for. 

However, in its finest moments are reminders of why policing exists – the moments where the cop can be strong, courageous, kind, present and ‘Just’ for those we have promised to serve and protect. It is in these moments that lives are touched and stories are written, igniting ripples that shape and influence the fabric and future of people’s lives, communities and perhaps even the world! It is in these moments that the heart swells, purpose is realized, and the universe is right for one moment because the cop was there.”

Blue Courage

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