Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. - Optimal State - Washington D.C.

Event Date Oct 4, 2021

Supporting MPD’s Future Leaders: The Sergeant Leadership and Peer Support Pilot Program
Two cohorts, each comprising  20 self-selected sergeants, meet monthly to learn, share, and practice together. Topics include: The Choice to Lead, The Lexicon of Leadership, Mindful Performance, Resilience & Hope, Optimal State, Focus on Families.

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San Francisco Police Department - Blue Courage - San Francisco, CA

Event Date Oct 4-5, 2021

The Blue Courage® educational process provides foundational leadership development for 21st Century policing. Designed for all levels of the organization, it promotes and nourishes the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being and overall health of police officers.

(Update for corrections or civilian)

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Resource: Suicide by Cop Course

Sharing the information on this course, Suicide by Cop, which focuses on Assessment and De-escalation. 

For more information visit 

Click here for August 10, 2021

Click here for August 11, 2021


*Note: This is not a Blue Courage course.

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